C. Bailey's Way (CBW), founded by Craig Bailey in 2015, is a drum venture born out of Nashville, TN, balancing music, and fashion elements, showcased as ready-to-wear collections.

Designed from a drum and percussion narrative CBW is both a reflection of the drumming, percussion, and personal stories from professional drummer, Craig Bailey. Our mission is simple, make products that support and inspire drummers and percussionists. We fulfill this mission everyday by offering quality and affordable, drum and percussion apparel for male and female drummers. Our products make great gifts for drummers and percussion players, as well awesome wear for drum major moms and drumline moms. 


What is C Bailey's Way?

C. Bailey's Way is endless dedication towards perfecting one’s craft by continuously growing in style, groove, and knowledge of instrument and musicology.
Looking for stylish and comfortable drummer apparel? Our online store offers a wide range of options, from classic designs to modern graphics. Shop our exclusive collection of high-quality and unisex drummer and percussion apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. Our products,  inspired by the art of drumming, are perfect for drumming enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.
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